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Kevin Hart Broke This Cardinal "Rule"

I notice a lot. I observe when I don't even realize I'm observing. I believe that's one of the marks of a comedian. That being said, I'm in a throwback comedy Netflix kind of mood, and I throw on, "Kevin Hart's: I'm a Grown Little Man." While watching, I notice him break what many comedians teach is a cardinal rule...

Standup 101? "Take the mic out of the mic stand, and move the mic stand to the side or behind you." It's right up there with, "Don't lean on the mic stand, " etc. etc...

#ImaGrownLittleMan was released in 2009. By 2009, Hart had already been doing standup for well over 10 years. In the GLM comedy special, Kevin Hart NEVER takes the mic out of the mic stand for the ENTIRE special. Not once. To act out bits he steps back, and projects, or he walks the stage carrying the ENTIRE stand with him. He never does it.

This was amazing to me. It was a great special. Hilarious, and the launch of a powerful career. And, he did it his way. #Respect. This furthers my belief that standup is the pursuit of you being you on stage. If that breaks some rules, but gets the job done; DO YOU. What say you? Comment below...

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