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Why I Quit Social Media

So I deleted my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. And, what’s the one thing most people do during a big life change? They post about it. You know I actually had to call somebody up on a "telephone," and tell them about this?

When I realized I couldn’t, I was like, “Let me use this blog I’m paying for right quick...” And here we are. So far, it's been a week without social media, and it’s a little weird. Phone addiction is a real thing, and I didn’t like that I was showing the symptoms. Checking the phone like the refrigerator when you know all your snacks is GONE. Distracted during conversations with friends and family. Resisting the temptation to check a text while you're driving.

Here's what I didn't like about social media specifically: It was changing me. It was in ways that I think maybe only I have noticed so far, but it was changing me. The negative thoughts... the shade that would come into my mind when scrolling through a news feed. My brain was like, "New personality. Who Dis?" Normally, I don't like "Hater-ation." Even before Mary J. Blige told me I didn't need it, I knew I didn't need it in my dancery. But, here I was inviting hater-ation to come hang out when I logged in (bars). I was accepting friend requests from people I ain't know for real (because of the standup). I felt obligated to like ish because of relationships built through these platforms. I don't have the bandwidth to care ALL THE TIME. I mean, I can care some... but all the time? Social media you doing too much. I can't do it no more, fam. Matter of fact, I've been cutting back on as many things as possible that are keeping me from being me. Keeping me from peace of mind.

So, if you followed me on any social, no I didn't unfriend you, or stop following you-I stopped following the present day conventional wisdom that this is the only way to do things now. If it is, maybe I'll go back later. But, for now-Nah fam, I'm good. My only question is-PEOPLE W/O SOCIAL MEDIA: Do you just go to the bathroom now, or take tangible reading materials? Just going to the bathroom seems so weird. Who does that?

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