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Long Time. New Material. #Success

Last night I did my first live on stage performance SINCE MARCH. That’s madness. I know you see what I did there, so I’m not gonna ask. I agreed to do the show because it was outdoors and masked up. I also bought my own microphone 🎤 to ensure I was doing my part to keep it sanitary ✊🏾. I did a little over 10 minutes of all new material, and it landed. Praise the Jesus. It felt good after this long-anus hiatus to still “have it.” Somebody even tipped my CashApp (which is $lionelharrisdotcom for the lovers) I hope this pandemic is long-gone-super-soon, so I can continue to bring joy and laughter back to the people. This long break had me re-evaluate my motives, and a clear, sincere "why" is necessary to dedicate yourself to something so insane like Standup. Anyway, here’s a pic, and if you can’t tell-I’m the only one still wearing a mask. Just know I was smiling under that joint. Peace people.

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