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Don't Be Stingy With That Love...

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Yesterday, I went to a coffee house to do a quick set before I headed to the comedy club. Sometimes this helps me to warm-up, and get the jitters out. Two dudes came up to me with guitars on their backs:

Dude 1: "Hey, you do comedy right?"

Me: "Yeah."

Dude 2: "Yeah, you haven't been here in like 3 months. We're glad you're back, you're really funny."

I needed to hear that. I needed that encouragement at that time. I do my set, head to Cozzy's Comedy Club, and compete in a competition. I win the competition.

Was it the confidence I gained from someone taking the time to say a good word? I'd like to think so. I believe God keeps giving me a little bit here and there to keep me going. Like the people standing on the sidelines of marathon handing out water swigs and salt packets... God is here keeping us running this race.

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2 comentários

03 de nov. de 2018

Appreciate you Bro!


yes we all need that encouragement... and bruh trust and believe you are hilarious, reliable, and very talented.

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