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Beware of #ComedyCancer

I listen to A LOT of comedy podcasts. I once heard Comedian Pete Holmes use a phrase called, "Comedy Cancer." Now, I've heard a variation of this by a few comedians, but the idea transcends comedy. As it pertains to comedy: beware of hating, envy, or jealousy of other comedians. Thoughts like, "I can't believe they got this..." or, "They're doing this?!" will devour you and your progress. Holmes even said of all the comedians he saw suffering with this... none of them were still doing comedy. They all quit. I would take it a step further and say apply this to whatever your field is. If you see someone doing well that you don't like, have a spotted past with, or are jealous of... let it go. Wish and pray them well. You've got your own race to run, and it's hard to focus on your race when you're busy nursing your cancer.

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