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I Blog to Myself 'Cause There is No One to Blog To.


Last week I made an appearance on Comedian Quincy Carr's, "Quality Comedy Time." I'm not a self-horn-tooter, but I was feeling extra "Extra," on his set, so check me and the other comedians (Patrick Williams and Roz McCoy) out who made an appearance on his show to get that good belly laugh.

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Last night I did my first live on stage performance SINCE MARCH. That’s madness. I know you see what I did there, so I’m not gonna ask. I agreed to do the show because it was outdoors and masked up. I also bought my own microphone 🎤 to ensure I was doing my part to keep it sanitary ✊🏾. I did a little over 10 minutes of all new material, and it landed. Praise the Jesus. It felt good after this long-anus hiatus to still “have it.” Somebody even tipped my CashApp (which is $lionelharrisdotcom for the lovers) I hope this pandemic is long-gone-super-soon, so I can continue to bring joy and laughter back to the people. This long break had me re-evaluate my motives, and a clear, sincere "why" is necessary to dedicate yourself to something so insane like Standup. Anyway, here’s a pic, and if you can’t tell-I’m the only one still wearing a mask. Just know I was smiling under that joint. Peace people.

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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

This summer the Native Society did two features on your favorite comedian named Lion’EL. Here’s the first (click on the pics):

And, here’s the second with a friend of mine: Comedian Von Mychael

Check me out, and COME TO SATURDAY'S SHOW!!!


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