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I Blog to Myself 'Cause There is No One to Blog To.


Ok, let me explain this title. I'm not crazy. A while ago, I wrote a blog about why I decided to leave social media. In this blog, I lay out some interesting arguments that mostly align with that documentary you saw on Netflix. Although this was true, it was not the entire truth. You see... there was this huge uptick in views and engagement with this video, my social media, and website. And unfortunately, it wasn't because of anything I did. Please watch the painfully true story of how racism "helped" me.

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Thanks to all who came out, and thanks to Jason Kypros of Plan B Comedy and the Zeiders American Dream Theater for having me. I definitely enjoyed myself, and the crowd seemed to enjoy me... even the heckler I had to make a part of my act. Comedy has reached a turning point for me. The only reason I continue to do it is because I feel like I have to. This is without the thought of having millions of adoring fans or followers. I feel like I need to grab a (sanitized) microphone and talk to the people. At this point, if I didn't feel like I had to do it, I probably wouldn't. Comedy can be brutal. So hidden behind however you perceive my stage persona to be is a man filled with purpose, passion, and intent. I hope to continue sharing this God-given gift with the people in my path willing to listen.

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