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It's Hard to be Funny When Ain't Nothing Funny.

If you follow my social (@LIONELENT), then you'll see I've been doing my best to create content during this quarantine period. But, one thing that stand up has taught me: "You can't make a joke about something you don't find funny." That may sound like the most basic thing you've ever heard me say, but---hear me out. When drawing from your life to develop material, you cannot make jokes about the things you haven't healed from yet. Or, really, gotten over. If it still stings, it's hard to make a punchline. On the same token, if you try to create material from the raw places, it can help you to heal if you begin to make jokes. Regardless, neither will come before their time. If you write a joke about something you haven't gotten over, nine times outta ten, it probably won't be funny. That's why this period is so tricky. COVID isn't really funny. Racism isn't really funny. But, I must hold on to belief that I am, and it'll get easier to be myself

as I push forward. What have I been doing? Mostly writing. You'll just have to see if any of those writings see the light of day. I hope you're doing well. Sincerely...

Drop a line, let me know you're out there if you are, and God Bless your life.

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